Technical Accessories

Solarig® Repair Tape

Well known for its toughness and durability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, Solarig Repair Tapes are Ideal for patching tears and punctures to smoothly restore and maintain greenhouse film’s condition. With strong 3M adhesions base, Solarig Repair Tape safeguards a lasting holding power.

Ultra Strong and heavy-duty adhesion Solarig tapes are ultimate solution for sealing, splicing, and seaming your greenhouse’s covers.

Product Details:

Clear and UV Stable.
Comes on Hollow Cardboard Cylinder.
Can last up to 3 to 7 years, depending on climate conditions.


High resistance to weather distress, our clips are ideally designed for anchoring Solarig cover eyelets which features fast mounting and reopenable for ease of use.

Product Details:


With built-in strong tensioning force, our rubbers are made for tear-resistant, durable, and weather-resistant. Built with high-quality materials and UV-resistant coating, it offers a long product life  and is suitable for outdoor uses.

Product Details:

Locking Profiles

Our locking profile gives you quick and easy instillation solution for your greenhouses. Zig zag spring and aluminum locking profile is a fast and safe way to mount any Solarig covers to your greenhouses that creates a tight and secure hold of Solarig covers to your greenhouse structures.

Product Details: